$15.00 USD
Hosted PBX phone system
How It Works
- No phone lines, so your number will never be busy again.
- We support you by porting your existing phone number wherever you go.
- Order new phone numbers from anywhere in the UK or overseas.
- Configure your inbound call flow yourself. Point your number to a user, menu, call queue or any other subject.
- Call Centre Queue Board, See your calls in real-time.
- 24/7 Sales and Technical Support.
- Sign up in just 5 minutes and start answering calls in just 3 minutes.
$15.00 recurring allows you to choose from our number pool of available numbers, if a number you want is not available, follow the instructions to place a custom order, generally delivered within 24 - 48 hours dependant on stock.
If you need help setting up your Call Flow you can call our Technical Support team available 24/7 on +44 2034 116 546, we just need your account number, and will ask you a few questions to verify your identity.